Condyloma Acuminatum

Anal and perineal warts are caused by a virus. Sexual contact most often spreads the disease, but the virus theoretically could be spread from a surface (toliet seat) to an abraded area.

Even if the disease has not been acquired by sexual contact, all sexual contacts after the illness have been exposed to the virus. All sexual contacts must be checked for warts to insure that the illness is not spread in the community, and that it is not given back to the patient under treatment. Some people may have only a few warts that cause no symptoms, so a physician's examination is required.

When only a few warts are present, they may be treated with chemical applications. When many warts are present and they are within the anal canal, electrical removal and burning under anesthesia is usually required.

Because only warts that are seen can be treated, frequent initial follow up is required. The virus may be microscopically involving other areas which will grow again into full size warts. If not treated again, promptly, usually chemically, the virus will multiply and the warts can recur.

Recurrence is frequent, and the illness must continue to be periodically checked so that another full outbreak does not occur.